“Prix Galien recognizes the excellence of the pharmaceutical industry.”

— Gérard COLLOMB, Senator and Mayor of Lyon

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Maud Pilloud

Medecine & Research Jury

Medical Device Jury

EHealth Jury

Patent Suppot Jury

Democosmetic and Dermatology Research Jury

Latest Winners - 2020

Martine Bagot and Armand Bensussan
Zaire Ebola vaccine (MSD Vaccines)
Onpattro – Patisiran (Alnylam France)
Hypernova™ Chronos™ (Germitec)
Hôpital Necker – Les Zenfants de l’Auto
FAMIREA de l’hôpital St Louis

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From national and world leaders to shining lights within the pharmaceutical industries, many have offered praise for the Prix Galien.